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Many people in slum areas are from village. They come to Jakarta to get work but they are unskilled. Finally they become poor, jobless and forced to live in the slum with illegal status. In emergency situation, they borrow money from usurer by perforce. Considered to be marginal group by the government makes them unable to get social services such as health, education access for children under five and micro credit. More problems come, such as: flood, uneducated children and no access for early child education, bad treatment to babies, malnutrition, babies rent for begging, and early marriage among teenagers. Domestic violence and child abuse often occur in most families.

Being aware of these problems, we try to implement integrated programs: Education, Health, and Micro Finance Program. Since the programs need community participation, so we involve them from the beginning.

Yayasan AULIA is an independent, non profit and non partisan organization. Yayasan AULIA is supported by international and local NGOs.


The History of Yayasan AULIA

Year 1978 A group of people did social activities like serving homeless and jobless people. Finally this group found out that the one who mostly needs attention and protection is child.

Year 1980 In the beginning this year, we started to respond to the demand of the situation: there were so many street children on the traffic light intersection, shopping center, bus, and train station in Jakarta. We are fully aware that street children are basically the same like any other children who deserve proper life. Considering the situation we accept and admit every child as a person.

Year 1992 Learning from our experience for 12 years in serving street children, this year Yayasan AULIA started to accommodate the children in the shelter house since they were babies (because they are the weakest and easily exploited) both girls and boys.

On April 18th 1995 Yayasan AULIA was officially established and has complete legal status.

Year 1995 In June, the shelter house was moved to Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, our service and assistance to children in slum areas of Jakarta continued.

Year 1998 When the monetary crisis, Yayasan AULIA realized that serving children means serving their whole family. Therefore, the charitable services are not enough. We must also empower the community. The transition time for the change of services, was one of the hardest time for Yayasan AULIA.

On July 28th 2012 Rumah Perlindungan Anak Aulia which is located in Pakem, Yogyakarta, was no longer a part of Yayasan Aulia and legally established as a separate institution with different name.


Vision and Mission

Yayasan AULIA serves rejected people as well as people who feel rejected by their family and or by their community, through cultivating social solidarity towards them and by guiding them to be autonomous, in the course of social / community development.

The achievement of human life, in order to be able, to grow and develop in loving atmosphere for everyone.

To serve those who are rejected or feel rejected.

- Each person is worthier than the whole world.
- Human can not live from rice only.


The Meaning of Aulia Logo

The meaning of AULIA
The word "AULIA" is handwriting of a child, because Yayasan AULIA serves children and belongs to children. The meaning of "AULIA is: Guardian, Protector, Helper, and Fruit of love". It is taken from the Arabic.

The meaning of AULIA's logo: Small Leaf
The small leaf comes from a creeping plant. It usually lives around grass. It grows on everywhere, in rice field, in garden, in the city park, in luxuriant home garden, in the roadway green belt, and in slum areas.

This leaf is a symbol of the children we serve: children from grass-roots who were born because of "Love", who live and grow in hard community, cruel and everywhere.

One leaf forms three hearts (three hearts united on top of a leaf stalk) shows unity between father, mother and child by and within love.

The meaning of AULIA logo's color

The brown color of "AULIA" is the color of copper, where copper is a common metal used by poor people to make jewelry and cooking tools, because of its cheap price, long lasting and hot resistant. The characteristic of this copper represents the users, poor people (cheap price), strong (long lasting), and used to living in suffer (hot resistant). It's existence is needed and is very useful for the people (jewelry, cooking tools). The color of copper will looks beautiful and shiny, if it is treated well by polishing it before and after use. Poor people are used to and must keep struggling (always polish it) to gain a better life.

The bright and light green of the leaf is a symbol of life and hope. It represents children whom we serve : young, cheerful, happy, and full of hopes.


Founders of Yayasan Aulia


Eddy Hidayat

Founder of Yayasan Aulia,
lives in Jakarta

Eddy Hidayat
Lestari Projosuto

Lestari Projosuto

Founder of Yayasan Aulia,
lives in Yogyakarta


Vision and Mission
Meaning of Logo
Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.