Study Groups

The activities of Study Groups are conducted in Yayasan AULIA's office or in the slum where we assist. Besides Aulia's staff, Aulia Youth (REMALIA) also helps us to teach the children who are mostly at Elementary level.

Luckily, the local community provides us a comfortable place. Any child in the neighborhood can join our activities.

The lessons or material given to children include ethics, morality, personal hygiene and environmental hygiene, Children Rights Convention, Gender Equity, and Learning Assistance.
The place can be also used to spread the CIE (Communication Information Education) activity between the local community and Yayasan AULIA.

Outdoor Activity
Learning and teaching process do not have to be conducted in a classroom. The children used to living free, feel "imprisoned" when they have sit and study for a long time in a room.

Learning activities are sometimes conducted outdoor such as playing traditional games, football, swimming, clean up their environment, buying books in book store or book vendor on street, visiting museum, PP Iptek, and other interesting places.

Art and Culture
Globalization affects the whole world. Indonesia is a rich country with various cultures. The children in the urban slum areas are part of Indonesian children who need to know and maintain their culture. The children have some activities to maintain Indonesia culture such as: playing Angklung (traditional music instrument from West Java), visiting cultural centers, playing lenong (traditional theater from Jakarta), and others.

Study Groups
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