Health Fund
Giving medication is important although it will not solve a problem, because it only works on the effect and not the cause of the problem. Therefore preventing is more important than curing, which is similar to Dana Sehat's aim.

Parents or sponsors contribute Rp. 4.000 - Rp. 5.500 per month for every sponsored child.

When there is a sick child, the expenses will be covered by Health Fund in accordance with the set up criteria. Parents can bring the child to the doctor, public health center, clinic, closest hospital or to PHC ANAK SEHAT.

Medicine Post
Medicine post is organized by cadres in the local community who has already trained on health service. The medicine post is in one of the cadres' house.
Medicine post is set up for:

  1. First aid, for example when one gets a common sickness at night.
  2. Giving the community awareness of health and the importance of proper medication for the sick person.
  3. Avoiding from purchasing expired medicine in the stall
  4. Monitoring the existing disease in the community
  5. Giving correct medicine and exact dose for patient

Posyandu (Integrated Health Service Post)
The main role of an integrated service post is:

To persuade community and it's cadre to play an active role in health care, especially that of children under 5 years old or women in their productive age. Another important role is to monitor the growth and development of young children and pregnant mothers in the locations assisted by Yayasan AULIA.

Nutrition post - Positive Deviance (PD) Program
PD Program is an approach involving members of community to play their roles in accordance with their respective potentials and the culture of the local community in efforts of solving the malnutrition in the area.

Positive attitude is needed in solving malnutrition problem. Rehabilitation is done through the healthy food center.

Activities on Healthy Day
Once in a week Yayasan AULIA conduct "healthy day activities", teaching the assisted children simple practices about health such as: Information on diarrhea is given to children as well as their parents, why diarrhea happen and how to prevent it from happening.

Personal hygiene
In an open class social worker teach them simple things in personal hygiene, such as tooth-brushing, washing hands using soap before meals, cleaning their ears and cutting the children's nail. Then they practice it together. Later the children draw a poster about this personal hygiene and post it at different places as reminder.

Study Groups
Emergency Aid
Micro Finance
Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.