Book is a window to the world.

Unfortunately, reading book is not culture of most Indonesian children. Besides, the government gives less support to this positive activity. It can be seen from inadequate infrastructure from the government.

Considering this problem, Yayasan AULIA tries to implement a library program. The purpose is to cultivate the habit of reading to children and community in general. Besides increasing knowledge, library program can decrease the presence of children on the streets.

The library is set up in the Yayasan AULIA building or in the assisted location (one of the parents house or on the place where the assisted community provide for their children).

Mobile Library
To reach more children, Yayasan AULIA also conducts mobile library so the children can read comfortably in their neighbourhood. In a week Yayasan AULIA visit four places of slum areas.

We design this activities, so they do not only read but also learn the content of the book. Besides we also combine the program with other fun activities such as spontanious quiz, story telling competition, drawing, and writing a story.

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Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.