Micro Finance

Supporting Fund for Small-Scale Business

Generally the parents of our assisted children work in informal sectors, such as being construction workers, clothes washing persons, scavenging, parking attendants, labor loading stuff in the harbor, motor taxiing, bajaj driver (three-wheeled public transportation), street-sweeping persons, beggars, street singers at traffic light etc. They do not have fixed income and their income is not enough for a decent life, meanwhile they do not have any skills.

The target of this activity is the mothers, because they are the one who plays the most important role in the prosperity of the family, and thus they are regarded to be the most responsible.

The main goal of Micro Finance is for them to be independent and not depending on Yayasan AULIA the soonest they can, that is to go on living independently and more decently. The other goal is to avoid the mean trap of usurers (money lenders who asks for 30% - 40% of interest per month).

To fulfill this financial need Yayasan AULIA then facilitated the Community Empowerment Group PRIMA MANDIRI Cooperative, in which the activities are as the following: Savings and Loans (done by and dedicated to members) and Group Guaranteed Lending System (done by members dedicated to group).

Savings and Loans (done by and dedicated to members)
All members can open a saving account for a planned need, like for the Lebaran (first day of Holy Eid/ Moslem Celebration), a child having circumcision, schooling, going back to home village, renovating house/house renting, buying a motorcycle, or other needs.

Having opened a saving they can borrow a sum of money in accordance with the existing rules and regulation.

Group Guaranteed Lending System (done by members dedicated to group)
One group must consist of at least 5 members. Then the group makes an agreement on the terms and requirements for approval or refusal upon the member's loan. The group is also responsible for the member's obligation. The amount of the loan must be in accordance with the regulation agreed by both parties. The loan is supposed to be used for capital in running small scale business.

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Micro Finance
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