Early Childhood Education (ECE)
"Are you ready ..?? Yesss ..!!" The children of 3-5 year-old scream loudly answering the teacher. That is the situation of KBITA Kids ECE in the morning when the children are about to study.

KBITA Kids is an Early Childhood Education (ECE) program conducted in urban slums is based on one of CRC principles (Child Rights Convention), that is non discrimination. All children in their early age have equal opportunity to get education regardless of their language, sex, ethnic group, religion, and social level.

With the activities of KBITA Kids, Yayasan AULIA hopes that the children get their rights, are not exploited, have opportunity to play, and it is easy to monitor their health and build their potential in early age as to these issues are the pillars of their development to enter higher education, career as well as their social life.

The lessons in KBITA Kids ECE develop 6 aspects, ie: morality and socio-emotional, physical, language, cognitif, art, and behavior. Curriculum used refers to the Department of National Education.

While the children are studying, their parents are provided with various kinds of information related to the parenting.

Outdoor Activity
Instead of teaching and learning activities in classroom, children often do outdoor activity. This activity is carried out to introduce children the true concept in accordance with ECE's motto, Learn and Play.

The outdoor activities are soccer, environmental introduction by visiting clean or dirty places, study tour, carnaval using traditional costume and profession costume, etc.

Personal Hygiene & Nutrition Awareness (DARZI)
Sadar Gizi (DARZI)-Nutrition Awareness is conducted once a week. At break time the children eat the meal cooked by their parents in turns. The food cooked must be accordance with health standard which is made by Yayasan AULIA health division. The parents get guidance from us before they cook. Then they practice it and make cooking schedule for themselves. Acording to the evaluation, 54% of parents said that they get many information and knowledge on various kind of healthy food from DARZI Activity. Some picky children, now willing to eat various kind of food. "Now my child like to eat chicken, even though previously she didn't eat a pinch of it," says one of picky children's mothers.

Likewise their personal hygiene behavior, now if they go to school they want look clean and fragrant. When the children ask their mother to cut their nails, they would say, "I can get a funny stamp from my teacher if I am clean". The children also ask their mothers to shampoo their hair in order to keep fragrant and get no fleas, and also brush their teeth. These young children now make their parents used to hygiene.

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