Socialization about Child Rights Convention (CRC)
Child exploitation, bullying at school, child abuse; are some reasons why Yayasan AULIA campaigns Child Rights Convention (CRC).

We campaign CRC to teachers, parents, teenagers, and children in order to make them aware of children's rights so they are willing to change their bad treatment to their children.

For the children, knowing and understanding their rights can motivate and encourage them to protect themselves whenever their rights are violated.

Gender Equity Training
Understanding "Gender" is not easy because it is mostly not in line with the culture and belief, particularly in a nation with patriarchy culture.

Women's mindset are formed with certain stereotype and thoughts. Unfortunately they believe it and consider it as their nature so they happily accept it.

Gender equity campaign is conducted together with the CRC (Child Rights Convention), as well as the target audience (teachers, parents, and children).

Advocacy for Birth Certificate (BC)
Birth certificate is children's primary right. Many children in our project areas do not own birth certificate. The children we serve are Indonesian children. They were born in Indonesia, their parents are Indonesian, they speak Bahasa Indonesia and they grow in Indonesian culture, so they are entitled to Birth Certificate free.

They were the reasons we ally with other NGOs, to do advocacy action and campaign.

Peace Education Training
Nowadays, riot can easily happened. People often fights with others. There have been repetitive brawls among teenagers (especially in Jakarta). Teenagers are in unstable state of psychology, emotional, and easily influenced. These trigger dispute between groups and as a result teenagers are the doer as well as the victim of the brawls.

Therefore, Yayasan AULIA provides Peace Education training. The purpose is to teach everyone to appreciate and respect each other's rights and to be aware of the existence of differences.

Peer Education
Training for teenagers are conducted through peer education strategy (someone in the group educates his or her peers), because generally teenagers have their own groups. They listen to friends more than to their parents.

Parents, social workers, or counselors usually have difficulties being accepted among the teenagers groups, let alone to give information about their problem.

Information on the Danger of Drug Abused
The Danger of Drugs, is one of Awareness Raising Activities we do which teenagers as the target of it. Mostly, lack of information makes the teenagers become drug users. The situation becomes worst, for drug dealers can simply be found at their neighborhood.

Information is given to teenagers so that they have knowledge of drug abuse and in turn to prevent themselves from the jeopardy of drug abuse.

Sex Education
Teenager's attitude in relationship brings them into the free sexual relationship without considering it's danger and the consequences. They are not in touch with the knowledge of contagious sexual diseases, so that they are prone to HIV & AIDS.

The situation above is the reason why Yayasan AULIA campaign on Sexually Transmitted Disease, Reproductive Health, and Early Marriage, to parents and teenagers.

Information for Parents
Research on the characteristics of the community assisted by AULIA Foundation shows that most people in the community get used to educating their children violently and forcefully. These people are physically and psychologically abusive to their children. Children are basically good communicators, so then they easily imitate the habits that they experienced with adults in their environment. Moreover, most parents do not show appreciation to their children when they do good things, for example like eating by their own. Parents think that it is usual and not so special. Parents are also used to yell to forbid their children running around the classroom.

The roles of parents in educating children and the parent's knowledge of children's growth and development are very important that Yayasan AULIA has the parents involved in activities that enable them to interact with the children. Furthermore, Yayasan AULIA provides ECE parents knowledge about: the importance of ECE, conducts training about children's growth and development, the importance of nutritious food for children, and the concept of personal and environmental cleanliness.


Posyandu (Integrated Service Post) Training
Conducting Posyandu must involve community participation. The slums communities are lacking information on Posyandu. Therefore, we need to deliver some information to them on how to do Posyandu at their neighborhood so they can serve the need of the community themselves, particularly babies and pregnant women.

The target of training is community cadres. The materials given are: baby weighing, health recording, KMS filling and health campaign to mothers, etc.

Medicine Post Training
Medicine Post is also one of our programs together with slum community we assist. Before the medicine post was established, our health cadres must get training first so they can be ready with the program. This Medicine Post is a cupboard filled with medicines and placed in one of the cadre's house. When someone in their neighborhood is sick, he can go to Medicine Post to have some medicines. The medicine we have is the generic ones and can be consumed safely.

Breastfeeding Training
Breast Milk is the most important food for babies, therefore it must be known by all mothers in the slums. We found out that many mothers in the slums, with some reasons, do not give breast milk to their babies. However, breastfeeding is a mother's nature.

The training targets are mothers in the slums and community health cadres. The materials are given with role-play method and audio-video. After the training, we hope all cadres can deliver the information to the community on the benefit of breast-milk and make the program of Exclusive Breast-feeding successful.

Health Campaign on Dengue Haemorragic Fever
The campaign target is health cadres and community. The materials given are:

  • DHF definition and transmitting factor.
  • Vention, Symptom, and medical treatment for DHF.
  • The making of Ovitrap.

Vaccination Campaign
Vaccination is still a polemic in Indonesia. However, it also brings effects to our community in slums. Most babies are vaccinated, but some mothers refuse to give their babies vaccination because they are afraid of the risk of fever.

Since they deserve the right information, Yayasan AULIA gives it to them on the benefit of vaccination, schedule for vaccination and also its side effects.


Business Women in Group
Some women feel incompetence, have no potential, and in need of fund, but they do not realize how big their true potential is.

Woman must be in a group, so she can be equal with man, and is able to get the same rights of education, health, and financial access.

So, they have "bargaining power" and can avoid abusive treatment.

Baking Skill
The purpose of Women Empowerment is to increase family income, so they need skill in order to be successful in running business.

Their skill can be used to start a small business with small asset so they can increase their family income.

KSM Koperasi Prima Mandiri also conducts training on making cakes.

Training on Family Income Management
Parents in the slums work as street vendor, street singer, and garbage picker whose income is unpredictable as well as the expense (easy come easy go). Bad income management becomes problem not only for parents but also for AULIA children who have already had job.

Therefore Yayasan AULIA gives training on managing family expenditure such as: how to make cash book, making priority, deciding routine expenditure every month, and introducing saving method.

Practical Skill
Not all children can continue their school. If their parents cannot work, die, or divorce; this will affects their daughter greatly, especially if she is the oldest child in the family.

Those who are drop-out of school can participate in a program made by Yayasan AULIA such as: sewing course and computer course, free of charge. The method is made simple, fast and easy. The course is conducted in Aulia office with a teacher who comes twice a week.

After they finish the course they can work in a garment factory or make their own business by working as a tailor or to a service industry needing their skill.

Study Groups
Emergency Aid
Micro Finance
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