Our Story

Bambang (not his real name) is a scholarship recipient, he also actively participates in Aulia youth (Remalia) as vice chairman. Bambang, is the second of four brothers and sisters. Bambang seats in 12th in Muhamadiyyah 1 Vocational High School, majoring technical mechanical vehicle.

Bambang is a diligent boy. Every morning, he always takes his mother to traditional market to buy her necessities. Her mother is a food seller; she uses her house as a small shop. In the night the family gathers around and sleeps there. It’s a small house, but they are grateful because they don’t need to pay the rent since it belongs to her grandma. Bambang’s father works as a motorcycle driver, so the incoming cannot be expected, realizing the competitor among them also rise in these days.

In his spare time, Bambang works as builder assistant, sometimes when the day is raining he become umbrella boys, which is mean renting the umbrella to people in needs to get some money. Or the other time, he replaces his father as motorbike driver to earn money. He try hard to make money, to fulfill his basic needs and for buying his school equipments. His elder brother, Yusuf, who dropped out from school, now is unemployed. Considering this situation, Bambang is being more motivated to school. He doesn’t want to be dropped out, he promises himself to finish the education. He said, “I don’t want to be like my brother, I want to graduate and get a job to help my parents, especially because I have two little sisters”.

He has a dream, to be a soccer player in Indonesia National Team. To get this dream, he always practices soccer in his neighborhood. He also join the tournament and in last tournament, Bambang and his team won third winner. May all your wish come true, Bambang.

Farrah Hikmahiyah


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