Our Story

Dodi (not his real name), is one of Yayasan Aulia scholarship recipients. He lives in one of slums in North Jakarta. Dodi is the first child in his family. He has two sisters and one brother. They live in a small rent house, Dodi’s father works as a street seller while her mother is a house wife. Dodi usually works after school hour, helping his father sell some used clothes on the street. They struggle to survive and earn some money to cover their daily needs.

When Dodi was a little boy, they did not have enough money to stay together, so his parents left him with his grandmother in their home village in Central Java. Luckily, although in poor condition, Dodi managed to finish his Junior High School there. After finishing Junior High School, his father thinks that it is the right time for them to take Dodi back to them and educate him at a Senior High School in Jakarta. He believes that education is the best way to get out of the poverty.

His father came to every rich people he knew to get some help for Dodi to continue his study. But they could not support continuously. One day, by the information from his relative, he came to Yayasan Aulia and asks for scholarship support. After facing some interview and home visit, Yayasan Aulia decided that Dodi deserves scholarship.

Living in poverty does not make him give up. Dodi still studies while helping his father, working. Usually he starts to work at 04.00 pm up to 01.00 am. Schooling and working are his daily activity now. Dodi is a hard worker and a very responsible child. He is mature at his age. At school, everyone knows that he is one of the smart and outstanding students. Like any other child, Dodi also has dreams. “I want to be a business man and provide job opportunity for everyone,” he said. Well, Dodi, we do hope that your dreams come true. Like Albert Einstein said: “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts”. Jakarta, 26 June 2015 Wihya Wulandari Writer

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