Our Story

My name is Lisa (not real name). I was born in 8 July 1998. I live in a small rent house in Tangerang city with my mother and my brother. I thank God that I can stay in that house even though the roof is almost fall and have leaks.

I am the second child in my family. I actually have a sister, Wanu, but she passed away at age eleven. My mother was very sick at that time, and so was my sister Wanu. She was having fever. We brought her to the nearest Puskesmas (Community Health Service). My mother thought that she would be better if she got medical treatment there, the doctor said that she got common fever and she could go home. On the third day, her condition got worse. We brought her to the previous Puskesmas but they said No. So we brought her to hospitals but they said the room was full. Finally we were accepted in the third hospital, but they could not save her life. Everyone was so sad.

At that time, my mother’s health also got worse and she often went to hospital. I thank God when she finally got better and better. I and my brother is the reason why she is motivated and stronger. But the problem didn’t end. Shortly after my sister gone, my father also left us with another woman. I was so hurt and even until now.

After he left us, we try to earn some money for our daily needs. My mother sells Nasi Uduk (rice cooked with coconut milk) in the afternoon. After school, I help her at her small stall, serving the customer until late at night. Usually, when I have school exam, I always bring my books there. I read and study in the stall when I have free time and there are not many customers.

At the moment, I am studying at a Pharmacy School Indonesia Senior High School, in second grade. I feel very lucky that I always get first rank in my class, since I have been in Junior High. I think I am not a smart child. I only work hard on it and try to do my best. The most important thing is that I am always thankful for all I’ve got.

I am grateful for many kind people who help me with my school, especially for Yayasan Aulia. Honestly, I was confused when my tuition became so expensive. I wanted to ask my mother to pay it but it would burden her. I thank God that Yayasan Aulia came and help me not only by scholarship, but also provides me with knowledge and positive informations for teenagers. And I get many friends too.

In the future, I really want to be a pharmacist and own some pharmacies. I want to provide free medicines for poor people who experience difficulty to get their rights of health. If I have the opportunity I would build an orphanage so I can make them go to school. I also really want to make my mother happy and give her a better and happy life in her old time.

Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.