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In 1993
There were some people who called themselves as "Pengayak" , which means scavenger. They are the parents of the street children whom we assist.

They scavenge all sewers in Jakarta. Low educated, illiteracy, and lack of skills leave them with no other choice than the above job.

Their irregular pattern of life, consuming unhealthy food and drinks as well as the "pollution" caused by the various medicine have brought them to be a group of people who are prone to illnesses from critical infection like diarrhea, infections in the respiratory system, skin, eyes and to other fatal illnesses. Things get worse because generally they sleep at any places like the porch of shops buildings, under the bridge, at the railway station or at the bus stops.

Poor urban community will surely want to find professional help when they are confronted with sickness. They want to go to the doctors, midwives, clinics, medical centers, or hospitals. But they are often unable to do so, because they cannot afford it. Their minimum and unstable income makes it impossible for them to ask for professional help despite the fatal sickness. This will put them into critical situation.

In 1998
Yayasan AULIA tried to lighten their burden. Luckily, there was a hospital which was willing to cooperate with us, making it possible for these people to pay medical expenses in "installment". Realizing that this kind of service would not last long, there must be an alternative or a breakthrough in health services which is oriented to the empowerment of the community.

In 1999
Thinking that the fund for scholarship given to students were useless because they are sick, Yayasan AULIA tried to apply the Health Fund Program, a kind of medical insurance especially for the poor school children. It turns out that the program works well up to present time.

On April 24, 2006 Balai Pengobatan Umum (Public Health Center) ANAK SEHAT was officially established. This center develops it's activities, promoting services with warmth, patience, and friendliness.

The meaning of the word ANAK SEHAT
The word ANAK SEHAT literally means HEALTHY CHILDREN, with the hope that they are always in good health.

The meaning of ANAK SEHAT logo
The letter A in ANAK SEHAT logo represents a door widely opened to help all children with health problems.

The open gate, symbolizes that health care center is ready to welcome anybody in need of health care.

The ideal body shape of a child with hands up to the sky, expresses thankfulness and happiness that there are people who are ready to help them, at the time they are entering the gate (when they are sick) and going out of the gate (at the time they are well).

Klinik Anak Sehat (Healthy Children Clinic) wants every child who comes with various health problems, to go home gratefully afterwards, happy because their health problems are solved.

The meaning of ANAK SEHAT logo color
Blue symbolizes cleanliness, regularity, concern, kind heart, patience, and humble. The color blue gives the feeling of peace and coolness which in turns make the patients calm.

The color brown of the child represents the children´┐Żs endurance, stability and ideal weight. The color brown is also the color of the earth, symbolizes Yayasan AULIA which has to be down to earth, realistic and have a will to accept the children the way they are.

Public Health Center ANAK SEHAT
Yayasan AULIA is willing to help the poor urban community in terms of their health. In doing so we are oriented to the empowerment of the community itself. Therefore the PHC ANAK SEHAT set up.

PHC ANAK SEHAT owns a clinic in the Yayasan AULIA building. There is also a simple clinic in the assisted location and they are open at the same time with the days when Posyandu is open. (Posyandu is shortened form of Pos Pelayanan Terpadu which means an Integrated Service Post).

Clinic ANAK SEHAT, unlike other private clinics, does not oblige the patients to pay. Usually the patients just have to pay only for administrative as much as they can as a form of responsibility upon the treatment they receive.

Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.