Logo KBITA Kids

History of KBITA Kids
In 1992 - 2002
Based on 10 years observation, 1992- 2002, the number of street babies / children under five year old exploited by adults increase significantly. Yayasan AULIA could not do much instead of suggesting parents not to bring their children to the street.

In 2003 - 2007
The background of Early Childhood Education establishment is due to lots of young children coming to our study group activity. They actually just came and played with their sister / brother at our learning center. The mothers of the children, requested us to teach their children to write. "please teach my child alphabet or anything you can," said the mothers.

The number of children who joined our study group increased even though it was targeted for elementary school children. We were overwhelmed because we had to provide time as well as lessons for the young children.

Considering the phenomenon, Yayasan AULIA wanted to do something. Together with the community, we identified and analyzed how important Early Childhood Education is in the community. We found some points and result of the analysis. There was no playground for young children in the neighbourhood and high cost for kindergarten so the people cannot afford it. We can easily find young children play around without parent control such as on the street, in the dirty environment, and on the riverside.

Based on the analysis result, in August 2007, Yayasan AULIA established ECE KBITA Kids (Early Childhood Education, Our Children's Group to Play & Learn).

The meaning of KBITA Kids word
The name KBITA was suggested by the mothers in our slum areas. KBITA Kids is an acronym of Kelompok Bermain & Belajar Anak Kita (Our Children's Group to Play & Learn). The word Kbita itself comes from Sundanese language, which mean "want" and we expect KBITA Kids ECE can bring motivation to parents in fulfilling excellent education for their children at early age.

The meaning of KBITA KIDS logo
Two young children, a girl and a boy, represent their peers. The girl is sitting at the "outer" part shows that woman cannot be considered weak, even woman can protect man.

The arrow symbolizes children who reach the bright future. With good and fixed plan (the sharp point of the arrow) the children will overcome problems and obstruction and reach their goals. Parents together with Yayasan AULIA only give guidance and equip them with education but nobody is able to make sure what will happen to those children in the future.

The square which surrounds all of logo means uninterrupted connection, this state togetherness and strength in unity to reach main goal.

The meaning of KBITA KIDS logo color
The colorful letters represent that the institution is open to children of different background, the poor, the rich, children with different religion, and various origin and nationality.

Black Arrow means firmness and assurance.

The pink color surrounding the logo symbolizes love, kindness, gentleness and understanding, as well as hope.

The pink color surrounding the logo symbolizes love, kindness, gentleness and understanding, as well as hope.

Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.