Logo Koperasi Prima Mandiri

The History of PRIMA MANDIRI
In 1998
Community Empowerment Program in financial field has been conducted since 1998, by the time monetary crisis took place in Indonesia. The service strategy of Yayasan AULIA changed in accordance with its new spirit, which is searching, appreciating and supporting the existing community power then developing it in hope that community's dependence on Yayasan AULIA would decreases.

In 1999
After observed for a year, in 1999 Yayasan AULIA started the Micro Finance program with activities such as saving and loaning money as a fund to start a business.

In 2004
By the time the fund was considered as safe enough, on January 12, 2004 evening, nine scavengers had a meeting with Yayasan AULIA by the side of the rail way at Senen train station discussing the formation of Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat (Community Empowerment Group).

The meaning of PRIMA MANDIRI
PRIMA means perfect, great, while MANDIRI means independent. So, PRIMA MANDIRI mean: being perfectly independent.

The meaning of PRIMA MANDIRI logo
The letter "A" is the first letter in AULIA word and in alphabet. The place of the letter is right in the middle of PRIMA MANDIRI wheel. It is expected that Yayasan AULIA is always be protected by the Almighty God, its long lasting and is fully supported by Prima Mandiri's businesses and activities.

The running wheel symbolizes well-planned and focused perseverant businesses. Platinum in the wheel represents the best and strongest quality, gracefulness, trustworthy and is the most wanted (platinum is of better and stronger quality than gold).

The Meaning of PRIMA MANDIRI logo color
The red letter "A" in the word AULIA represents Yayasan AULIA becomes stronger and long lasting and keeps being protected in its operation (PRIMA MANDIRI wheel is always running). The color red also symbolizes prosperity and protection to the weak.

The platinum color is the representation of the millennium century, the spirit to welcome bright future. The platinum color also symbolizes the high morality, helpfulness to all, and sincerity as well as responsibility.

Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.