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Year 1999 - 2000 :
Yayasan AULIA understands that teenagers in the urban slums also need a media to share stories, give support and motivation to each other, share skill and knowledge, express ideas and creativities, and other positive things to their peers in order to avoid negative things that mostly occur in their environment, for example premarital sexual activities, drug abuse, smoking, drinking alcohol, and other criminality actions.
Year 2001 :
Based on the above situation, Yayasan AULIA try to facilitate teenagers (the scholarship aims from junior until senior high school students) to discuss the establishment of a teenagers forum. The forum was established and was named REMALIA (REMAJA AULIA / Aulia Youth). The first board was formed on July 9, 2001. Each of them represents their areas. The board of Aulia Youth is elected once a year.
Year 2002 - 2003 :
REMALIA has made a very spectacular achievement by creating Child Rights book titled "Aku Anak Dunia" (I am child of the world) which publication was sponsored by five international NGOs. At that time, the book "Aku Anak Dunia" was the only book created by the children which speak about Child Rights. Using this book, REMALIA actively promote Child Rights to the people at their location. The book was then used by many organizations throughout Indonesia.
Year 2003 - 2008 :
REMALIA keeps on trying to improve themselves, find their identity, and determine the direction. In order to do so, they create their organization's logo, objectives, vision, and mission.

Meaning of REMALIA Logo

Arti Logo Remalia

Become a communication media, among teenagers of Yayasan AULIA.
Fulfill Indonesian Child Rights.
- To campaign Child Rights Convention (CRC) to communities.
- To conduct activity which promote Child Rights.

Yayasan Aulia is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.